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Welcome to our brand new 'popular' page where we'll be adding links to our most read features and information plus hot topics. Keep checking here to see what's new.

  • Writing a business plan
    A well-researched and written business plan is an essential tool. And its benefits go far beyond its role as a document that enables you to attract funding.
  • Dismissing employees
    Sacking an employees is fraught with potential problems - even when the employee has committed gross misconduct. These FAQs answer some of these tricky questions.
  • Start up costs
    Starting a new business is an exciting time but it is easy to let costs spiral. Company premises, vehicles and stock all add to your initial start up costs. Find out how to control them.
  • Starting an online business
    Many businesses have long used their websites to generate additional revenue, but recently there has been significant growth in businesses that start up exclusively online.
  • Five top tips for doing your own books
    Keeping your own financial records can seem daunting when you’re new to it. However, it’s an essential part of running your business. Elaine Clark of gives her top five tips on doing your own books.
  • Pricing
    Getting your prices right is essential. If they’re too high, you’ll put off potential customers. Aim too low and you’ll throw away potential profit and risk making customers believe your products or services are inferior as higher priced competitor goods.
  • 14 ways to get free publicity
    Some ideas are so powerful they generate publicity year after year after year. The following might encourage journalists to cover your business.
  • Comply with basic employment law
    Most employers will tell you that they spend more time managing staff issues than anything else. Much of the legislation is based on common sense and ensures employees’ basic rights are respected. However, there is a significant amount of detail that you must be aware of to make sure that you are not breaking the law.