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"If only I knew then what I know now" - The lament of most serial entrepreneurs.

Most would also concur that the best lessons are the ones that are learned, the hard way, through experience. As a first time entrepreneur, starting a business can be a pretty daunting task; no previous experience, not sure which way to turn, unclear of the road ahead.

But if you're a first time entrepreneur can you gain the knowledge to better equip you for the journey without having to learn the hard way? Sure there are plenty of articles and sources of advice but if you don"t know what you don"t know... is there another way?

We think yes.

And Fish Bowl is our answer to "how?"

Watch the first time entrepreneurs behind 3 start-up businesses battle through the early stages of business life. You can learn directly from their mistakes, experiences and successes by sharing in the journey with them.

Follow the 3 businesses as they tweet, blog and video diarise their experiences day by day, week by week. There will be no spin, no fabrication and no punches pulled.

The entrepreneurs are giving you a totally transparent view into their "behind the scene" business worlds. They will share with you the emotional highs and lows of the rollercoaster ride and discuss the lessons learned.

In time they will receive advice from successful entrepreneurs, business experts and you will have the chance to have your say and give your thoughts to the entrepreneurs but for now sit back, watch, enjoy and learn!


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