Getting the 'right T-shirt' in 2013

By: Jessica McGregor Johnson

Date: 7 February 2013

Getting the 'right T-shirt' in 2013/man in t-shirt{{}}Have you been there, done that, got the T-Shirt – only to find it’s the wrong T-Shirt? Are you determined that 2013 will be different?

New Year’s resolutions are, in principle, a great idea. But if all you do is say you are going to do something and not have the whole process clear in your mind, it is very hard to follow through.

Not only do you need to know what you are going to do, but also how you are going to do it and how you are going to meet the challenges that automatically arise as you start creating change. 

If you really want to make 2013 your best year, you need to be thinking differently and doing something different, too.

One way of thinking differently is to question the limiting beliefs you have about what is and isn’t possible.  Change your thinking, question your beliefs and you are on the way to truly creating change.

In addition, your New Year’s resolution can only really work if you also change what you are doing. 

It is like saying that you want to increase your circle of friends, but then only ever going to the same old places with the same old people and wondering why you are not meeting anyone different. You need to change the pattern you have been following for years.

Write your own rules; look at your world in a different way; allow yourself to think differently to those around you. That’s how you begin to live the life you want.

So this January, I suggest you take the time to really uncover what it is you want 2013 to look like. 

Resolve to use this quiet darkness of winter to begin to grow the picture of what your “right T-Shirt” will look like. As the days begin to lengthen, build this picture of the life you want to be living, so that when spring comes you are ready to put it all into practice. 

In that way, you will be far more likely to make it happen, to stick with it, to change your thinking and doing and meet the challenges along the way until suddenly there you are – wearing your Right T-Shirt.

Jessica McGregor Johnson is the author of a new book The Right T-Shirt

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