Choosing a fresh and memorable domain name


Date: 22 May 2018

Choosing a fresh and memorable domain nameThe "chicken or the egg" scenario can be perfectly applied to domain names. Some small business owners develop a name for their firm in advance, while others choose to be led by the domain name they are able to secure.

Regardless of which side of the fence you may be on, a good domain address is essential to your online branding.

Here we break the process down into easy steps, so that you can focus your efforts where they are needed the most.

What do I need to bear in mind?

First of all, complicated domain names will accomplish little. Remember the acronym 'KISS' - Keep It Short and Simple. Your name needs to be distinct from similar sites - and from a technical viewpoint, shorter domain names tend to be ranked higher in search results.

You may find it difficult to secure your chosen domain with a popular top-level domain (TLD) name. For example, there is no doubt that is already taken. The benefit here is that second-tier names such as might certainly be available.

These TLDs can be geographically specific; ideal when customers enter a location-based search term. In other words, never feel that you are limited to high-end TLDs such as .com or

Many business owners are hesitant about spending a large amount of money simply to secure a domain name. However, remember that premium names will drive much more traffic to your website. A larger investment can go a long way in this situation. Once the domain is secured, it is yours for as long as you choose to renew it.

Brand recognition is critical in this day and age, so be sure to think big.

Getting expert help

In order to search for available domain names, you can use a domain name checking tool. These are often free to use.

Some sites may be more reliable than others, and some might not be updated on a regular basis, so choose a trustworthy supplier to buy a domain name, which can help you understand which names are available, as well as suggesting alternatives if your first choice has already been registered.

A domain name is the virtual cornerstone of any small business. If you are looking for a sense of stability that can last for years into the future, it is always wise to seriously consider your options and make a sensible choice.

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