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About the company

The Mumpreneur Guide offers you a head start in business. If you are developing a business alongside looking after a family, the Mumpreneur Guide gives you everything you need to grow and succeed. Buy the Guide, use the online business development programme or get one-to-one help from Antonia.

About Antonia Chitty

Antonia Chitty is an award-winning entrepreneur and author who helps entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses. Antonia started her PR agency, ACPR, as she wanted control over her work. The agency offers training to entrepreneurs who need help to do their own PR.

Alongside that Antonia runs the Family Friendly Working blog, a daily blog to inspire parents looking for a better work-life balance.

Antonia has used her experience and that of the people she has worked with to come up with some practical guidebooks including A Guide to Promoting Your Business, The Mumpreneur Guide, Commercial Writing and Family Friendly Working. Alongside this she also writes on health and parenting. She is a mum to three and lives in Sussex.


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