S2E1 Make offline marketing work for your small business

Tony Dowling discusses offline marketing in the first episode of the new series of the Start Your Own Business podcast

Such has been digital marketing's rise to prominence you could be forgiven for thinking that there's no point in bothering with offline marketing. But for many start-ups and small businesses with a limited budget, tried and tested offline marketing techniques continue to offer excellent returns, helping them to attract and retain customers

In this episode, expert Tony Dowling, director of Swansea-based Real Inbound Marketing, runs through the main offline marketing options that are available to small businesses, including word-of-mouth, face-to-face networking, as well as newspaper, magazine, and even local radio advertising. Tony shares his considerable insight, so you can learn how your start-up or small business can ensure the best results from offline marketing.

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Advertising – local radio, newspapers

Advertising messages – creating ads

Customer service

Word-of-mouth recommendations

About Tony Dowling

Tony Dowling is the Director of Swansea-based Real Inbound Marketing, a sales consultancy and web-building agency that works for small businesses. Over his 25-year career, Tony gained incredible insight into both online and offline marketing having worked in radio and regional newspapers. Although Tony's company creates fantastic websites and offers digital marketing and sales enablement services, he's a strong advocate of the business benefits of offline marketing

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