ANNA Money bank account and tax app - free trial

ANNA Money bank account card

Open an ANNA Money account and get three months' free and a £20 deposit match

ANNA Money is a business banking account and tax app for freelancers, start-ups and small business owners. Open a business bank account and keep track of your tax in one clever app:

  • Quick set up - get your account in ten minutes
  • No delays - receive your Debit Mastercard within five working days
  • No nasty surprises - let the app keep track of your tax, calculate your tax bill and send you automatic reminders
  • Low monthly fees - bank for free (income up to £500 a month) and, if you don't use your account one month, the next month's free
  • Streamlined processes - create and send invoices that match invoices to payments
  • Save time - automatically chase overdue payments and schedule purchase payments

Get three months free and a £20 deposit match

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