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Founder profiles - overview

Founders are interesting people with a story to tell. Here they share their tips for success and help you avoid the mistakes that they made.


Profile: The Gothic Accountant

You don't come across many Goths who run their own accountancy practices. Meet Psyche Coderre, owner of London-based Death and Taxes.

Jamie Giarraputo

Profile: The Music Man

Musician, producer and business man Jamie Giarraputo lives by the Italian motto 'vivere senza rimpianti' - live without regrets. He explains here.

Guy Watson

Profile: The Organic Farmer

Mark Williams finds out how one man's belief in organic farming turned into a prosperous business delivering food to thousands of UK homes

Ling Valentine of LINGsCARS

Profile: The Publicity Queen

If she ever tires of running her vehicle rental business LINGsCARS, Ling Valentine could probably teach others how to promote their businesses.

Wendy Tan-White

Profile: The Website Pioneer

Many millions of websites have been created using Moonfruit's software since it launched. But sometimes you've got to fail to succeed.

Ruth Lopardo

Profile: The Balancing act

It is a problem many working mums face: how to balance a highly demanding job with the responsibility of looking after young children?

Derek Jones

Profile: The Ex-Offender

It was during yet another stint inside that repeat offender Derek Jones got his big idea: a special email service connecting prisoners with family.

Sue Tumelty of The HR Dept

Profile: The HR Innovator

It's rarely plain sailing for a new business owner, but some entrepreneurs face more complex challenges than others. Sue Tumelty tells her story.

Yanto Barker - copyright Simon Keitch

Profile: The Pro Sportsman

Falling out of love with life as a professional road racer led Yanto Barker to start his cycling apparel business Le Col. Here's what he did.

Guy Hearn{{}}

Profile: The Wedding Photographer

It's not easy to be a wedding photographer, even if you're as talented as Guy Hearn. Many couples seek to save money on photographs on their big day.

Adam King

Profile: The Record Breaker

Not many people have been in the Guinness Book of World Records and established their own business. Adam King is still trying to be a world-beater.

Henry Buckley{{}}

Profile: The Ideas Man

Henry Buckley is the entrepreneur behind the highly successful leaflet delivery firm, JogPost. Mark Williams finds out what inspires him.

Griff Holland and Ed Brown of Friska

Profile: The Ethical Businessman

Although Friska founders have big plans for their takeaway with a difference, as Mark Williams finds out, profit is not their only goal.

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