Assessing your management ability - checklist

Assessing your management ability - checklistMany managers wonder whether they're doing the best job possible for the business and their staff. This checklist will help you review your skills and see where you could improve.

  • Review the abilities and knowledge you need to do your job effectively; research any relevant published frameworks (eg from your professional body).
  • Prepare a checklist with specific indicators of competence; assess yourself by scoring how well you meet each indicator.
  • Approach other people whose opinion you value, or whose perceptions of you are important, and ask them to assess you as well.
  • Review your work performance for evidence confirming your abilities; analyse any problems to see where your weaknesses were a factor.
  • Confirm that you understand the business, its key drivers and performance indicators, and the contribution you and your team make to it.
  • Confirm you have the legal and technical knowledge you need, keep up to date with necessary information and use it effectively.
  • Assess your understanding of finances and ability to draw up and control budgets.
  • Examine how well you prioritise, set objectives, and implement plans.
  • Evaluate your ability to develop and implement effective policies and procedures.
  • Assess your working relationships and your ability to build teams, motivate employees, communicate effectively and influence people.
  • Consider how you deal with customers, suppliers and others.
  • Assess how well you manage employees' performance and their training and development.
  • Consider your abilities in other areas particular to your role - for example, marketing and selling, production or human resources management.
  • Assess your ability to manage change.
  • Evaluate your attitude, creativity, self-confidence and ability to manage stress, and how well you manage your own personal development.
  • Use your assessment to drive your personal development programme.

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