Top tips from five National Business Awards finalists

Shaking hands - top tips from national business award finalistsMost people who start their own business do so with the aim of becoming a business success story - taking the world by storm and even winning an award or two for their innovative and amazing ideas and products.

The reality for most is that running your own company is a hard slog and the rewards can sometimes take years to materialise if not at all. However, for every business failure there is a business success story, so what makes some prosper, while others fail?

To find out we talked to five previous finalists from the prestigious National Business Awards to get their advice and to hear the secrets of their success.

This video features Shaun Pulfrey, founder of the hugely successful Tangle Teezer; Simon Duffy from Bulldog Skincare for Men; Simon La Fosse from La Fosse Associates; Emma Cerrone, the entrepreneur behind Free:Formers; and Shubber Raja - who co-founded MediLink Consulting.

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