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Avoid common Christmas party pitfalls

Avoid Christmas party pitfalls{{}}

The run-up to Christmas can be hectic for business owners. Key challenges include maximising sales, cashflow, coping with punishing workloads, keeping staff motivated, making sure their hours and pay are lawful and securing premises during shutdowns. You’ll also want to avoid Christmas party pitfalls that can result in staff grievances.

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Start-up advice

“Constructive criticism enables you to modify your product or service – or in the worst case, scrap it altogether, but this could prevent you from making an expensive mistake”

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Start-up stories

Rob and Paul Forkan – Gandys flip-flops{{}}

“We haven’t tried to ‘reinvent the wheel’ – just to create a great product and brand with a difference, one that donates some of its profits to desperately underprivileged children”

Rob Forkan of Gandys flip-flops

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