Start up business ideas

Set up a business

Financing a business

A note pad with the words Pricong strategy written at the top


Pricing FAQs

Need-to-know answers to ten questions frequently asked by small-business owners when they need to set prices for their products or services.

Tax and National Insurance

Business law

Business planning

Growing your business - checklist


Growing your business - checklist

Unless you are happy as you are, you will be looking for ways to develop and grow your business. These ten steps will lead you in the right direction.

Sales and marketing

Planning your PR - checklist


Planning your PR - checklist

PR activities can help spread the word about your business for little money. This checklist explains how to promote your business through the press.

Business premises

Staff packing moving boxes ready to relocate the business


Moving premises - checklist

Moving premises can be highly disruptive. It's important to plan how you can resume work with a minimum of time lost. Here's what to consider.


A closed blue ring binder filled with job descriptions


Job description template

A job description will help you write your job advert, provides pointers when interviewing and makes it clear to candidates what you are looking for.

Scale up your business