Start up business ideas

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How to start your own business - free guide

Although it takes hard work, starting and running your own business can be hugely satisfying. Our free start-up guide gives you the lowdown on all the key issues to think about when starting a business.

Set up a business

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Essential guide to buying a franchise

Franchising allows you to set up a business following a proven formula - although you'll be subject to restrictions. Our guide to franchising.

Financing a business

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Getting a grant - checklist

Your business might be entitled to claim a grant. Here's how to identify a scheme and apply for grant funding.

Tax and National Insurance

Business law

Business planning

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Growing your business - checklist

Unless you are happy as you are, you will be looking for ways to develop and grow your business. These ten steps will lead you in the right direction.

Sales and marketing

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Market your new business

How to market your new business, including doing a SWOT analysis, developing a marketing strategy, creating a marketing plan and hitting sales targets

Business premises


Grow your business