Is running a business really for you?

Running a successful business is not for everyone. Time, commitment, funding and skills are essential. Find out if you have what it takes.

Is running a business really for you? - overview

This article discusses the challenges and rewards of starting a business and being your own boss. Owning a business can be financially rewarding, but it requires hard work and sacrifice. Is this for you?

Sarah Giblin, founder of RiutBags

Q&A: Can I start my own business?

Wondering if you can start a business? Sarah Giblin, founder of RiutBags, answers common start up questions from would-be entrepreneurs.

Two people enter a business partnership

Q&A: Forming a business partnership

Business partnerships account for around 7% of all small businesses. If you would like a business partner to share the responsibility of running your business with, a business partnership could be for you.

Man using his laptop for part-time work while sitting down on the sofa

How to start a part-time business

Part-time businesses are booming. According to research, 20% of UK adults use their spare time to grow a new business or earn extra income.

Man in blue and white plaid shirt struggling to cope with people wanting him to do tasks

10 ways to cope with a demanding workload

Remaining organised and prioritising tasks can help you to cope with a demanding workload while maximising your productivity. These tips are intended to help you get through.

Work-life balance writing on a piece of paper

Smart ways to improve your work-life balance

One advantage of running your own business is that you can do things your way - but juggling demands is a key skill. Three entrepreneurs reveal their own approach to achieving a successful work-life balance.

starting a business

What it takes to succeed in business

Hilary Devey started out in a haulage firm. Founder of a multi-million pound business she became high-profile television small-business adviser.

Business team managing change and planning strategy

Essential guide to managing change

How to manage business change; understanding catalysts for change, driving change with your team and creating a culture of innovation.