Leadership - overview

How to improve your leadership skills as a business owner; including decision-making, forward planning, responding to change and managing people.

 group of people in a meeting

Become a better manager - checklist

Many managers wonder whether they're doing the best job possible for the business and their staff. This checklist will help you review your skills and see where you could improve.

Group of employees dressed in casual work clothes gathered around a laptop

Workwear and staff dress codes

What we wear to work has changed significantly in recent years. Stylist Lisa Talbot explains what to wear to work.


Essential guide to teambuilding

How you put together and lead work teams is critical if you want everyone to work together and produce results. Our guide to effective teambuilding.

A bad boss is shouting at a junior member of staff

Are you a terrible boss?

They say that people don't leave the job, they leave the boss, which is true in many cases. So what do employers do to become known as a bad boss?

Business owner showing leadership skills in meeting with business team

Essential guide to leadership

How to be a great leader in business; building leadership skills such as communication, delegation and decision-making to drive positive change.