How to scale up your business

Learn how you can grow your business to the next level - from franchising to new premises, more staff to new products and markets.

'Franchise' written on a notepad with a phone and glasses lying next to it

Franchise your business

Turning your business into a franchise could offer an effective and less risky way to expand significantly. Find out what it involves.

Businesspeople around a table each placing cards with lightbulbs drawn on them

What makes a great strategic partner?

Forming a strategic partnership can help your business grow and reach new clients. But what makes a great strategic partner? Five things to look for.

Consultant leads a business meeting

Essential guide to using a consultant

Using a consultant in your business: from the benefits of outside expertise and negotiating fees to agreeing objectives and managing projects.

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Using consultants - checklist

Using a consultant can be a great way to get a project rolling or to bring in expert help. We explain how to get the best from your consultant.

Graphic of man watering a bar chart to make it grow

Growing your business - checklist

Unless you are happy as you are, you will be looking for ways to develop and grow your business. These ten steps will lead you in the right direction.

Managing projects - checklist

Managing projects - checklist

If you don't keep control of your projects, you risk missing deadlines, compromising quality and disappointing clients. Here are the steps to follow.

Woman in a grey shirt giving a pitch to multiple corporate partners

How to pitch to corporate partners

Partnering with a bigger business can help you leverage your innovations. How to get in front of the right people - and make a great impression.

A manager briefs her growing team

10 top tips on scaling your business

Top tips from business mentor Mike Norbury on how to boost your company’s performance, achieve significant growth and scale your company.

An interim manager works with a group of employees

Using an interim manager

An interim manager is a flexible, affordable way of bringing in knowledge, skills and insight to your business. Could one be of help to your business?

A man in a shirt using a computer to show rapid business growth

How I achieved rapid business growth

Essex entrepreneur James Downes built Cable Power into a leading provider of electronics solutions in just three years. His recipe for success.

Two men stood in front of a wall with white t-shirts on saying La Belle Assiette
Case study

How we scaled La Belle Assiette

La Belle Assiette has achieved significant growth since its launch. Stephen Leguillon talks the importance of the right team and retaining core values