Hiring employees

Advertising for, shortlisting and selecting the right recruit is not always easy. Our overview explains how to get your recruitment processes right.

Hiring employees - overview

Advertising for, shortlisting and selecting the right recruit is not always easy. Our overview explains how to get your recruitment processes right.

A closed blue ring binder filled with job descriptions

Job description template

A job description will help you write your job advert, provides pointers when interviewing and makes it clear to candidates what you are looking for.

Pen about to sign a statement of employment particulars

Sample written Statement of Employment Particulars

Every employee is entitled to a written Statement of Employment Particulars outlining the terms of employment. Download a range of full and part-time contracts, self employed and contractor and sub contractor statements of employment.

Close up of male hands holding a pen writing on paper

Job offer letter template

Download customisable job offer letter templates, which you can tailor to your needs when recruiting a new member of staff.

Close up of a business man wearing a suit with a blank name badge clipped to the pocket

New employee details template

Before taking on employees, you will need to gather certain personal information. This template will help you collect the correct information.

A group of interns receive some safety training

Should you pay for an intern?

For business owners in need of an extra pair of hands, the prospect of cheap, or even free, labour, can be very enticing. But what does the law say?


Essential guide to recruitment

How to recruit effectively - our guide to understanding what you need, attracting candidates and assessing their skills, experience and attitude.

Business woman sits in front of interview panel

Essential guide to interviewing

Skilled interviewing is important to make sure you recruit the right person. How to interview candidates, and common mistakes to avoid.

One green chair and three white chairs in a row with writing on

Recruiting - checklist

It's vitally important to make sure you hire the right person with the right skills to fill company needs. Read how to recruit successfully.

An apprentice wearing chef white kneading dough with his employer

Hiring an apprentice

Find out how easy it is to hire an apprentice, the benefits of doing so and the level and funding you could receive.

Woman reading an employment contract - Q&A: Statements of employment

Q&A: Statements of employment

All employees are entitled to a written statement of employment setting out the main terms and conditions. Read these FAQs covering the essentials.

Man assessing a candidates CV with a pen in his hand next to his laptop

How to assess candidates' CVs when recruiting

CVs play a key role in the recruitment process, by helping employers to assess someone's experience, key achievements and knowledge. Stacey Mead, HR Director at The HR Dept, explains what you should look out for.

A father and daughter work together in the family business

Employing a family member

Employing a relative is quite different to recruiting someone else. There are some important tax and legal considerations which we explore here: