Start up stories

Start up stories - overview

Founders are interesting people with a story to tell. Here they share their tips for success and help you avoid the mistakes that they made.

Hertfordshire farm

How I created Chase vodka

Potato farmer Will Chase started the gourmet snack brand Tyrrells Crisps in 2001 and since 2008 he's been making vodka from his potatoes.

A quarter of hamper of sweets

How we sell retro sweets online

Michael Parker has recreated an old-fashioned sweet shop online, selling more than 600 varieties to satisfy the demand for retro sweets. Find out how he did it.

Psyche Coderre

Profile: The Gothic Accountant

You don't come across many Goths who run their own accountancy practices. Meet Psyche Coderre, owner of London-based Death and Taxes.

Jamie Giarraputo

Profile: The Music Man

Musician, producer and business man Jamie Giarraputo lives by the Italian motto 'vivere senza rimpianti' - live without regrets. He explains here.

Guy Watson

Profile: The Organic Farmer

Mark Williams finds out how one man's belief in organic farming turned into a prosperous business delivering food to thousands of UK homes

Ruth Lopardo

Profile: The Balancing act

It is a problem many working mums face: how to balance a highly demanding job with the responsibility of looking after young children?

Sue Tumelty

Profile: The HR Innovator

Entrepreneur Sue Tumelty shares her start up story and explains how she grew the business into an international firm.

Yanto Barker

Profile: The Pro Sportsman

Falling out of love with life as a professional road racer led Yanto Barker to start his cycling apparel business Le Col. Here's what he did.

Guy Hearn

Profile: The Wedding Photographer

It's not easy to be a wedding photographer, even if you're as talented as Guy Hearn. Many couples seek to save money on photographs on their big day.

Adam King

Profile: The Record Breaker

Not many people have been in the Guinness Book of World Records and established their own business. Adam King is still trying to be a world-beater.

Henry Buckley

Start up story: JogPost

Henry Buckley is the entrepreneur behind the highly successful leaflet delivery firm, JogPost. Mark Williams finds out what inspires him.