Recruitment, contracts, discipline and grievance

Clear recruitment policies and contracts and disciplinary and grievance procedures are a legal requirement. Learn of how you can comply with the law.

Pen about to sign a statement of employment particulars

Sample written Statement of Employment Particulars

Every employee is entitled to a written Statement of Employment Particulars outlining the terms of employment. Download a range of full and part-time contracts, self employed and contractor and sub contractor statements of employment.

A woman clears her desk after being laid off

Dismissing employees

Dismissing an employee may be your best option if their performance is unacceptable, or their position no longer exists. Here are some simple rules.

A man packs the belongings on his desk after being dismissed

Q&A: Dismissing employees

LawBite solicitor Louise Paull answers key legal questions about sacking staff including notice periods and how to use Acas guidance to help you.

A couple of professionals looking sad

Q&A: Staff grievances

It is all too easy for staff grievances to escalate. Find out what process and procedures you should follow to address any staff grievances correctly.