Setting up a limited company

Registering a limited company is more complicated than registering as a sole trader but you get greater protection. Learn how to set up a limited company.

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Essential guide to forming a business

When you set up your business, it pays to get the legal structure right from the start. Read our guide to your options and what you need to consider.

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Q&A: Displaying company names

You must display your company name at its registered office and at the place where it keeps its company records for inspection, says Andrew Millet.

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Q&A: Setting up a limited company

Andrew Millet of Wisteria Formations provides an introduction to the rules about forming a company and what 'incorporation' actually means.

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Q&A: Single-member companies

The register of members of a single-member company must contain an express statement to the effect that the company has only one member.

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A guide to limited company addresses

A limited company can have several different business addresses. Discover the purpose of each so you can learn which you might need to use.