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Making money online: when your hobby becomes taxable income

Date: 22 June 2021


Eight steps to recruiting qualified candidates for your small business

Date: 22 June 2021


Tips to improve your company finances

Date: 21 June 2021


Modern empty office

Ensuring your business premises appeals to all

Top tips on how to make your business premises appealing to both employees and customers

Date: 14 June 2021 By:

Meeting with manager while protecting health after returning to office after quarantine.

How indoor mapping can help maintain a safe workplace post-COVID

Social distancing looks likely to remain as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology in the form of mapping can help keep staff and customers safe.

Date: 3 June 2021 By:

A business impliments a lockdown exit plan to keep staff and customers safe

Your lockdown exit plan

As lockdown measures are lifted, many businesses are reopening. Discover why and how a lockdown exit plan can help.

Date: 17 May 2021 By:

A female sole trader gets her invoicing sorted

Solving the payments conundrum

Advice for those starting a small sole-trader business on the challenges ahead - from find suitable services and tech, attracting customers to receiving payments.

Date: 17 May 2021 By:

Small business server with network cables connected

The true cost of a business server. Less than you think!

There comes a time when a business will benefit from a server. With these top tips it needn't cost the earth.

Date: 17 May 2021 By:

An entrepreneur worries about his business overheads

Burning through start-up cash? Stop!

Money is tight when you're starting up. Learn some simple techniques that can help you avoid stretching your small business finances.

Date: 13 May 2021 By:

A leaking tap wastes water driving up the ater bill

Why your small business water bill might need attention

Water is essential to the operation of many businesses but that doesn't mean you should overpay for your supply. Tips to reduce your bills.

Date: 13 May 2021 By:

Smiling man during business meeting with his co-founder

What to consider when taking on a co-founder

Taking on a co-founder can add new skills and experience to your team. Discover what you should look for to ensure you find the right person.

Date: 11 May 2021 By:

Heavy smoke from a burning industrial distribution warehouse or storehouse

What business insurance do I need for a limited company?

Business insurance overview for new businesses. Discover which insurance coverage you may require when starting up.

Date: 7 May 2021 By:

2021 and Coins stack. SAlary or dividend concept.

Tax implications when starting a business

When you start a business, you become responsible for reporting and paying your own tax and National Insurance via Self Assessment.

Date: 7 May 2021 By:

People enjoying a drink in a pub garden

Essential factors to consider before buying a pub

If you dream of running your own pub, there are some key considerations before taking the leap. Read the three essential considerations.

Date: 5 May 2021 By:

Female influencer holding sports shoes in hands happily looking in camera while recording video for blog.

Web scraping and influencer marketing

Web scraping is a new concept to many. Discover how it can help your business identify suitable marketing influencers and boost the impact and reach of your online marketing.

Date: 4 May 2021 By:

A smiling woman is glad she has saved time and money with great small business apps

Five best software solutions for your start up

Every second counts when you're running a business so time saving apps can be a real bonus for small business owners. We look at five of the best.

Date: 29 April 2021 By:

Canadian flag viewed through the window of a business meeting

Business trip to Canada? Get an eTA!

The UK has very close ties with Canada and it's an attractive market for UK businesses. If you're going there on business, here's what you need to know about eTAs.

Date: 28 April 2021 By:

A self employed decorator has climbed a ladder to paint a ceiling

First steps to self employment

Many dream of becoming their own boss but worry that the process will be tricky. We share five steps to becoming self-employed.

Date: 26 April 2021 By:

A copywriter updates a business blogfeed with a new blog post

Why blogging is essential to your start up business' website

Blogging can make a massive difference to the visibility of your business online. Discover seven benefits of blogging.

Date: 22 April 2021 By:

Stressed African-American woman looks frustrated as she doesn't have the money to pay an unexpected expense

Top unforeseen expenses and how to deal with them

You may be organised and have monthly budget for personal and business expenses. But what about those unexpected bills. Learn how to deal with unforeseen bills.

Date: 21 April 2021 By:

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