Creating and optimising a website

A business website can reach customers globally, 24-hours a day. Discover the benefits of a business website, ecommerce and how to create a website.

Creating and optimising a website - overview

A well-designed website can be a highly effective marketing tool, promoting your business to people all over the world 24/7. Discover how to create a website that can bring your business to a whole new audience.

A website designer reads a client specification document and sketches - wireframe layout design for responsive web content

Pay monthly websites vs one-off cost websites

These days, almost all businesses need a website. But what's the best way to build one? We look at the main options, subscription-based template websites and bespoke, designer websites.

A finger clicking on 'WWW'

Setting up a website - checklist

So you've decided you need a website. Before you go bowling in, following these steps can help ensure you get your site right first time.

An attractive woman writes a web address on a window

Choosing a domain name

Building a website is an important way to promote your company and sell to a wider audience. Your domain name is how people locate your site.

A shopper walking through an isle in a supermarket

Selling through multiple channels

Customers who shop across multiple channels spend more - but accommodating their behaviour can be difficult. How to operate a multi-channel strategy.

Woman lying on the floor with her laptop smiling having made an online sale

How to boost online sales

Chris Barling, chairman of ecommerce and EPOS software supplier SellerDeck, seeks insight from his customers about how to boost online sales.

A woman places an online order via her mobile phone

Sell more to your website customers

Getting people to visit your website is only half the battle. Chris Barling provides tips on how to sell more to customers once they're on your site.

An abandoned shopping cart in a car park

Preventing shopping cart abandonment

It's easy to get upset when people visit your website, place products in their shopping cart but don't complete checkout. Chris Barling explains.

How Nic and James Auckland set up their online business Luna Spas

Start up story: Luna Spas

Discover how a £1 eBay advert quickly grew into an online business with a £1m turnover. Read the story of Luna Spas.

Woman using her phone to make an online purchase from an online selling phone shop

Online selling - how to get it right

Chris Barling, CEO of ecommerce software supplier SellerDeck, shares his tips for online selling and says that normal business rules still apply.

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