Be brave enough to invest in your business

Be brave enough to invest in your business

June 10, 2011 by Fiona Humberstone

Inspired by a post called Be Happy it’s Not Easy I read on Sarah Petty’s Joy marketing blog site, I wanted to share my thoughts with you about free marketing.

There is no shortage of experts who will tell you not to waste money on a website or smart brand identity – having you believe instead that social media will catapult your business to financial success alone. And there is probably no denying that somewhere out there, someone will have made their first million (probably selling info products) in spite of their “horror show” of a website. But they’re the exception, not the rule.

A powerful brand identity and website will attract the right sorts of client prepared to spend what you need to charge. It will differentiate you from your competitors and it will help you stay memorable. You can’t get that sort of design for free. To be honest, it doesn’t even come “cheap”. But the great news is, investing in marketing your business means your competitors can’t copy as easily as free marketing.

I’m not knocking free marketing. Social media is the lifeblood of my marketing activity – but only in conjunction with a range of activities. And it only works because I take myself seriously.

The problem of not being able to invest in your marketing because you’re not making any money is an age-old catch 22. I firmly believe that you need to invest in your business and get all of this right at the outset and the results will pay dividends. It’s all about being brave.

Ask yourself this: If I don’t believe enough in my business to invest in my brand identity and website, why should my clients?

Fiona Humberstone, Flourish design & marketing 


FlowerPetal's picture

Great article, the only point I would raise from a pesonal perspective as a fast growing small business is. My business has deliberately grown sustainably, meaning no investment only reinvestment, as profits from sales have allowed.
This has given me time to learn and develop the business so that I know it inside out, also allowing for small mistakes along the way to be made without them being too costly. This method has worked wonderfully well and enabled me to have a strong and loyal customer base thus far.

However, now that I have got to grips with the business world I am in, Id like to invest heavily in the business to take it to the next level. The only problem with being knowing where to invest, more to the point which areas of the business to invest the most, in order to achieve the most profitable results?
Feeling overwhelmed!

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