What your recruitment agent really means

What your recruitment agent really means

July 05, 2011 by Darren Leighfield

I prefer the straight-talking approach – to life and business. But working in the recruitment sector means I know a lot about the smoke and mirrors and doublespeak agents use. Here are a few statements I’ve heard many times over the years – and an explanation of what they really mean.

“We’ll find the best candidates in the market place”

I’ll send you the CVs I have on file.

“We’ll network extensively to find you the right person for the role”

I’ll do a database search, post the job description online, send a tweet and write a wall post on Facebook.

“We charge 15% of total remuneration as a fee”

Kerrching – I’ll make £3,500 from this.

“There’s no negotiation on the fee – we add so much value, it’s justified”

I can’t believe people are still paying me to post jobs on social media websites when they could be doing it themselves for free. And I’m earning a £3,500 fee from this.

“We offer world-class service and want to help grow your business”

I’ll treat you like a god because there’s £3,500 fee in this for me and growing your business means more employees so I get richer too. It’s a win-win.

“I think you are making a big mistake not taking my candidate”

Bugger – I promised the missus a new car and now I’m not going to earn a bonus

Darren Leighfield, Director at EtcEtc Ltd


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