Secret diary of a mumpreneur

Secret diary of a mumpreneur

August 25, 2011 by Vesta Rose

So, to start off with, a little bit about myself... I’m one half of a dynamic duo that has set up our own little “business-ette”. I can’t call it a “business” because that’s the first rule of being a mumpreneur – we don’t run a business, we have a little hobby on the side that we’re hoping, if all goes well, might one day make us a little bit of money.

But, we do have buyers and sellers, a website and a proper spreadsheet which accounts for money in and money out (if I’m honest it’s mostly money out at the moment). We run monthly good-as-new children’s clothes, toys and equipment sales in our local area and we’ve just had our very first sale (so far, “so mumpreneur”, I know).

Like many mumpreneurs, as well as having two small children, I’ve got a day job, as does my “business” partner, who’s also six months pregnant. What we don’t have is a business plan, marketing strategy, business bank account, much spare time or, in fact, any idea about how to run a proper “business”. Sound familiar?

Over the coming months I hope to be writing about all our wonderful business successes, but in all likelihood I’ll probably be sharing our trials and tribulations, mistakes and dead-ends, not to mention steep learning curve that I guess most fledgling start-ups go through.

Feel free to join me for the ride — in the words of that other dynamic duo, “to the Batmobile…”!

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edagoodman's picture

Hi Ruth

I agree with the previous comment and think you should start with your business plan. It sounds like a great idea and really wish you the very best of luck. There's so much support out there for you too (here's a good place to start)


Hudson Accountants's picture

Hello Ruth,

Welcome to the business world. I was surprised to learn that you have started to pay out money without a business or marketing plan. I presume that you have done this informally with your partner to at least work out what you need to do to generate your first profits.

Best of luck. Looking forward to the updates.

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