Accepting credit card payments on your mobile phone

Accepting credit card payments on your mobile phone

December 15, 2011 by shannon

As a business-owner who is always on the go, if you want to conduct business while on the road you have to find the best credit card processing services provider. Then you will be able to make transactions and complete sales even when you’re away from your premises or office.

Choosing the best mobile phone credit card processing company will not only ensure that you can accept payments on your phone, but it will also ensure that you pay the lowest swipe rates and fees – and that you pay the lowest rates on credit card processing services you choose.

There are many times when business people are on the road meeting a client away, without having a credit card terminal handy. For such meetings, making sure you choose the best mobile phone credit card processing company to authorise payments and complete transactions over your phone is something business-owners must consider, to make sure they never lose sales again.

There are many processing companies that offer these mobile services. As a business-owner, you need to find one that will allow you to take the payment anywhere, on your smart phone and make the transaction. Crucially, you need to find a processing company that charges the lowest rates for services. Not only will you be able to take the payment anywhere, but when you take the time to compare several companies that offer such services, you are also going to be paying the least amount of fees on transactions.

So, prior to choosing a processor, make sure you compare all available companies for such services on your mobile phone.

Shannon Martin on behalf of, credit card processing services


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I do agree that a better price can be obtained from tendering for the service there are a number of payment service providers and I have used companies such as commidea in the past.


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This is very good advice. A lot of business owners simply settle for one of the larger banks and don't shop around for a more affordable payment processor. It is very easy to switch payment processor with only minor changes required.

Mike Rowe

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