March 29, 2010 - Anonymous

Virtual premises tour helps firms identify energy waste

Business owners can get help spotting energy inefficiencies in their firms, following the launch of an interactive tool which allows users to take a “virtual reality walk” around different types of premises.

Envirowise’s Green Street tool includes images of the inside of a pub, restaurant, hotel, engineering company and office that users can explore to pick up tips on how to combat waste and reduce energy use.

For example, in the restaurant there are four different rooms with “hotspots” that explain how to deal with every aspect of running a restaurant energy-efficiently, from cooking food to maintaining pipes.

The tool has been created to make it easier for firms to access existing Envirowise advice that is relevant to their industry.

“Green Street users have the freedom to explore any area of the street, whether it’s a bar in the Cost Cutters Arms or the kitchen area of the Green Leaves Hotel – gaining valuable resource efficiency tips along the way,” said Envirowise strategic partnerships director, Simon Drury.

“This includes everything from simple tips on minimising heating and lighting, to more detailed advice on developing a formal environmental management system,” he added.

In addition to advice on energy efficiency, the virtual tour includes links to other relevant tools, such as the Envirowise guide to developing an environmental management system.

  • To access the Green Street tool, visit the Envirowise website