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Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan

Business adviser

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Kevin is a business adviser, marketing expert, motivational speaker and author. After 20 years in advertising, Kevin has spent the last nine as an independent troubleshooter, advising companies on how to change their businesses for the better, via change management programmes, non-exec work or better pitching.

About the expert

Kevin has written sixteen books, all of which pursue the theme of simplifying businesses and making them more successful. These have sold around 100,000 copies, been voted Telegraph Business Club Books of the Week, been nominated for CMI Management Book of the Year, and been translated into French, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.

He has also pioneered their production in digital formats such as podcasts, ebooks, and iPhone and iPad apps.

Kevin has worked with more than 400 clients, deployed £600m of funds on more than 200 brands, overseen more than 1,000 projects, and won 35 awards for creativity and effectiveness. He has trained more than 6,000 people and tutors at Kings College London. His Greatest Hits blog summarises the thinking in more than 250 business books and is accessed by thousands of readers each month.

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