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Ruben Kostucki

Ruben Kostucki

Seeducation PRO

Director (co-founder)

London, E1 2HP

Contact: Ruben Kostucki

Company description

Seeducation lies at the heart of social enterprise and helps businesses do more good so they can make more money, and charities to make more money so they can do more good. With a unique business model, it will get involved at all levels of the client's enterprise.

About the expert

Ruben is passionate about business models and finding ways of growing organisations while keeping an active positive impact on society. Currently the director and co-founder of Seeducation PRO, Ruben takes care of business development as well as the clients among which are a telephone answering service, a cancer charity and a private health care clinic.

After numerous years in the online industry, dealing with branding as well as online marketing, and having worked for an online charity as a web consultant and account manager, Ruben successfully took the role of search marketing manager for an online tech company. During this time, he gained experience in SEO, SEM, social media marketing, business modeling and processes.

Ruben loves giving training and business surgeries, and is an experienced judo black belt. He is also enthusiastic about empowering people to set up their own business. Connect with him on LinkedIn.