How to handle projects without a project manager

By: Elke Schmitt

Date: 27 June 2012

How to handle projects without a project manager/project manager{{}}In many cases, as a small-business owner it’s impossible to have a separate project manager for each project, especially if you’re a start-up, in which case it’s probably just you. However, projects still need to be accomplished on time and within budget and you don’t want to appear super small, because some people will believe this is a liability.

As a start-up or small business, you have many advantages. Firstly, you can complete projects done for less because you have less staff overheads. This can be very stressful, because as the sole business owner you must handle all projects without a project manager. But thankfully, because of cloud-based technology, it can be done.

How can you do it all? How can you be professional, accurate and continue to garner new clients when it’s just you? If you understand the dynamics of project management which are:

  • Identifying resources (people, tools, software)
  • Defining the timeline (due date)
  • Determining costs (keeping track of expenses, including work hours)
  • Defining scope (what are the deliverables and requirements?).

Then you can figure out how to control each one of these areas using technology. Today, there are many cloud-based applications that can assist you with running your start-up. The cost of entry into using project management software in the cloud is very low. In many cases, your small business can be up and running using enterprise level software for less than the cost of buying MS Word.

You can afford to use systems such as Basecamp, Central Desktop, Google Apps and others. It used to cost thousands of pounds to equip an office with essential project management software, but with access to systems in the cloud that’s no longer true. In addition, while security used to be a huge issue when it came to the cloud, this is no longer a big issue. Cloud-based application creators are aware of security issues and work diligently to harden the security of their servers. In fact, your data is probably safer in the cloud than it is on your desktop computer.

Elke Schmitt works as a marketing manager for GetApp. Her mission is to help startups select cloud business apps and tools to be more efficient and cost-effective. 

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