Staff appraisal form template

Handing a clients staff appraisal form over to him at work

If you want to get the best from your employees, you should regularly review their performance by carrying out a performance appraisal

Reviewing your employee's performance gives both you and your employee a chance to reflect on what is going well, what could be better and any training, support or personal development that might be required to help boost the employee's output, engagement or skills.

Many employers aren't sure how to carry out a successful staff performance appraisal. It's important to prepare properly and make sure that employees are fully involved to get the full benefits of staff appraisal. Asking staff to complete an employee self-assessment form beforehand may help to surface any issues that need discussion.

Carried out properly, a performance appraisal can help to motivate employees and identify any staff training needs that may help them become more productive.

Sample performance appraisal template

If you are about to carry out a staff performance appraisal, a training review or performance review, you will need a performance appraisal form that both you and your employee can complete.

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