Expert agreement

  1. Your expert package includes the opportunity to contribute content, at our invitation, to the Marketing or Start Up Donut. Opportunities include writing blogs or articles, supplying video content, being interviewed for new articles, reviewing and approving existing content. Featured content will be linked to your profile and promoted by Atom.
  2. Content submitted to Atom Content Marketing Ltd (Atom) without Atom substantially editing or adapting it (in agreement with you) is your copyright. By sending it to Atom you are agreeing to give Atom a free-of-charge licence to publish the content on the Marketing or Start Up Donut and related Donut newsletters.
    Atom syndicates the Marketing or Start Up Donut (in part and in its entirety) to third parties, sometimes without the Donut branding. In addition, blogs may sometimes be featured on the Government-partnered regional business network website, Gain. Unless expressly agreed at the outset, you agree that any content you supply may be reproduced for these sites with appropriate copyright acknowledgement and credit lines. 
  3. Copyright of content that you review or help Atom to write (eg supply source content or be interviewed) for the Donut belongs to Atom; Atom agrees that you shall have a licence in perpetuity to use any content that you have reviewed or helped to write provided that this licence is only for your own use (and not to license or resell the content to a third party). Content with Atom copyright may or may not be featured with expert credits on syndicated sites.
  4. We do not guarantee publication of submitted content and reserve the right to sub-edit content, including titles, so they fit our house style and conform to our guidelines. If we feel a re-write or substantial edit is required, we will discuss this with you first and agree copyright ownership of the finished item. 
  5. External links within Donut blog content are set to no-follow as standard so that they are not indexed by search engines.
  6. You warrant that:
    • You will not engage in any activity that may be expected to bring the Donut website or its partners into disrepute.
    • Any content that you submit to the Donut website has been created by you and that no third party has any Intellectual Property Rights in respect of that content.
    • None of the content has been copied from existing third party content.
  7. You can withdraw as a Donut expert at any time although the annual maintenance fee will not be refunded. In this situation, Atom agrees to remove from the website your details and any content that you own the copyright to within 30 working days of notice to quit. Any content on the Donut that is credited to you will be amended by Atom and/or credited to another Expert and/or replaced with other content. 
  8. Atom can remove you from the Marketing or Start Up Donut at any time at its sole discretion. 
  9. Atom and you will both perform their obligations under this Agreement with reasonable skill and care. Save as otherwise provided in this Agreement, Atom makes no warranty, undertaking, representation or covenant of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise. Neither party shall have any liability arising from or in connection with this Agreement for any economic losses, or any loss of goodwill or reputation, or any special, indirect or consequential losses.

What does the * mean?

If a link has a * this means it is an affiliate link. To find out more, see our FAQs.