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Mark Williams

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Freelance editor, writer and SME content expert



Mark Williams Communications Limited


About the company

I'm a content strategist, writer and editor with 20 years' experience. I've worked for many leading agencies and some of the world's most successful brands. I specialise in writing for and about SMEs. My words enable brands to engage this key audience. I contribute to The Guardian's Small Business Network and I planned and wrote the Start Up Donut website. My SME blogs appear on the HSBC's Knowledge Centre and KPMG's small-business website.

About Mark Williams

I'm an SME content strategist, writer and editor with 20 years' experience. I've produced a huge volume of content aimed at start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. I'm known for my imaginative content ideas and high-quality, engaging, value-rich content. I contribute to The Guardian Small Business Network and wrote the Start Up Donut website. I've interviewed thousands of business owners and few writers can match my SME knowledge. My work enables organisations to speak to small businesses about things that matter in a language they can relate to. Business content doesn't have to be boring. No, really...


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