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Coronavirus business help

Welcome to the Small Business Survival Hub. Practical advice to help you navigate your business through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employees who work from home

Extended flexible working rights and technology have made homeworking increasingly attractive. Here's how to support homeworking for your employees.

Introducing homeworking - checklist

More and more employees are working flexibly or from home - some as part of self isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. This checklist explains how to successfully and legally implement homeworking.


A shift in the economic climate, merger or move to a new location can all make redundancies inevitable. Our overview of how to manage redundancies.

Best apps for remote working

More people than ever are working remotely. Thankfully there is huge range of apps to facilitate home and remote working. Find the best remote working apps.

Remote access to your network

Giving employees remote access to their email, files and other systems - no matter where they are - allows them to work more efficiently and flexibly.

Sickness issues and SSP

Businesses lose a lot of money through employee sickness. Read our guide to your obligations to ill employees and how to manage unauthorised absence.

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