Personal Brand Masterclass

Personal Brand Masterclass by Alistair Banks

A strong personal brand can be the difference between having to go and find work and work finding you.

Are you struggling to get new opportunities? Are you an expert in your area but finding it hard to build a network? Do you feel like you’re wasting your time, endlessly posting across multiple social media sites in the hope it will help your business?

About the course

In this short, bite-sized video course, Alastair Banks will take you through years of learning and mistake making (so you don’t have to!) from his own start-up business which he created, from nothing, in 1999 and which is still going 20+ years later. In that time he has employed hundreds of people.

Sign up today and learn how to find and talk about your passion, get to know and understand your audience, tell your story, build sales leads and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Who's this course for?

Founders, Directors, Leaders and Experts in a particular niche

How long is the course? 1 hour 30 minutes
Is there a time limit? Progress at your own pace
What's included?
  • Introduction: what is personal brand, who should create a personal brand, leaving a legacy and more.
  • Your personal brand: finding your passion, telling your story, understand your why, people buy people.
  • Let's begin: personal development, goal setting, how to make friends and influence people, building your network and more.
  • Who are you aiming at?: Know your audience, insights, building relationships.
  • Content is king: earning attention, content, creating a content plan, three words for creating content, repurposing your content.
  • Setting out your stall: building your platform, social etiquette, blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
Course price £95

About the instructor

Alastair co-founded Optix Solutions, a digital marketing agency when he was just 19 out of a bedroom at Exeter University with a few course mates. Over the last 20+ years that company has grown into one of the leading digital agencies in the country, employing around 20 people and working with the likes of the Met Office, The NHS, Waterbabies, Stags Estate Agents and London Business School.
Alastair has spoken and coached at events all over Europe. He has taught on Exeter University's MBA as well as the prestigious MBA program at London Business School on the topic of personal branding.

His own website showcases his work including two online masterclasses (this being one) which have been taken by more than 20,000 people across 163 countries. He has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and sits on the board of a number of other companies as well as being seen as a trusted adviser to both local authorities and charities up and down the country.

Alastair lives in Exeter with his wife, two children, his dog Freddie and cat Wilbur. He's a fanatical skier and supports West Ham as Exeter Chiefs. You can find Alastair on almost every social media site and he’s always ready to lend a hand or give some advice so make sure you reach out.

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