Eight in ten firms still pay men more than women


Date: 27 August 2019

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A new study has investigated which UK cities and sectors have the biggest gender pay gaps.

The research, conducted by Paymentsense using ONS data, has found that London has the largest gender pay gap by far - with men in the capital being paid 30% more than women.

These findings mean that on average women will work 71 days for free in London in 2019. Other cities with a high gender pay gap are Birmingham (18%), Leeds (16%) and Liverpool (16%).

Overall, eight out of every ten companies still pay men more than women. Jobs in the finance and insurance industry have the largest pay gap (40%), followed by the energy supply sector (27%) and education (26%).

The worst job a woman can have in terms of the gender pay gap is financial account manager - these roles see women earning just half (49%) as much as men. Environmental health officer and mining production manager roles come in second and third place. Social services managers have the smallest pay gap, followed by personal trainers and PR professionals.

Lauren Ahluwalia, digital marketing manager and Facebook SheMeansBusiness trainer, said "The lack of transparency around pay means that many women do not know their worth and don't ask for more as a result. There's a general embarrassment around pay and sharing what you earn with others, but this encourages the taboo even more.

"In the end it's the corporations that gain from the secrecy around pay by paying women less. But when pay is such a motivating factor for employees, companies could also gain higher productivity when levelling out the pay gap and valuing women's work."

Written by Rachel Miller

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