New co-working app brings women entrepreneurs together

21 March 2018

New co-working app brings women entrepreneurs togetherKitchin Table allows business women to turn their homes into female co-working spaces and build relationships with other entrepreneurs.

Established by Laila Dupuy, Kitchin Table aims to help women find a safe, collaborative and creative space to meet like-minded business women. The app, available on the App Store, provides female entrepreneurs with the opportunity to host or join women-only co-working spaces.

As a guest, women can search for a Kitchin Table by date, location, industry or skill. The app also allows women to host their own Kitchin Table, turning their homes into a business. Dupuy hopes the app will facilitate the launch of 1,000 female-founded businesses in 2018 by helping more women to work for themselves.

Hosts can turn their home or space into a business using the app and have the freedom to set their own prices. There are no monthly subscription costs and guests can potentially work somewhere different every day; they can also see who's attending each Kitchin Table before they book.

The app's users will be able to build their network by advertising events or newly-launched businesses. Table users and hosts can view past bookings and connect with women through the app's private messaging service. In addition, Kitchin Table will hold monthly workshops on the essentials of setting up a business.

Laila Dupuy, founder of Kitchin Table, said: "Women are craving community, creativity and connection, and that's exactly what Kitchin Table will give them. Woman can now access safe, convenient and affordable co-working spaces whilst meeting like-minded inspiring females. It's really about the community that can come out of this app. We want to grow with female entrepreneurs, remove barriers that prevent women leading in their field and help launch 1,000 female-founded businesses this year."

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