What's stopping staff from working at home?

16 May 2018

What's stopping staff from working at home?Worries about fairness as well as concerns about security are stopping many employers from allowing employees to work from home.

With National Work From Home Day taking place this Friday 18 May, a new survey of 2,000 office-based workers by Seareach has found that less than half are allowed to work from home.

The findings reveal that:

  • 53% of workers are not able or not allowed to work from home;
  • 21% are allowed to work from home;
  • 17% can work from home but with some restrictions; and
  • 9% are allowed to work from home due to health reasons.

Security issues were cited by 36% of those polled as the main reason that staff cannot work from home. Fairness was mentioned by 26%; some staff said that although some employees could do their job from home, others couldn't and bosses feared those staff would feel disgruntled if they had to come into work whilst their colleagues worked from home.

Stuart Jailler at Seareach, said: "Thirty years ago … it was predicted that many office-based staff would be working remotely now. With the advancements in technology this is possible, however it seems [that] many businesses just aren't wanting to let go of their staff and allow them to work outside of the office. Our study shows we still have a long way to go … which is a shame as the benefits can be huge."

With National Work from Home day approaching, Stephen Duignan, VP international marketing at LogMeIn, said: "There's a common misconception that 'working from home' is code for 'watching TV all day while occasionally refreshing your email'. However, productivity can actually rise when working from home as employees aren't subjected to the many distractions within an office.

"Flexible working leads to happier, healthier, more productive employees … allowing employees to work from home is a really effective way of empowering them to manage their stress levels and stay in control of their overall health. Plus, if an employee does get sick but is still able to work, instead of infecting the whole office, they can work in the comfort of their own home."

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