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Set up a business

Financing a business

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Five ways to improve cash flow

Cash flow is vital to every business. Rory MccGwire explores ways you can improve your business's cash flow from using accounting software to increasing sales, stock control to reviewing pricing.

Tax and National Insurance

Business law

Business planning

Benchmarking - checklist


Benchmarking - checklist

Benchmarking provides a way to measure how effective your processes are, compared to competitors. Here's how to set up benchmarking in your business.

Sales and marketing

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How can market research help me?

Market research can help you to identify your target consumer, find out what they think about your ideas and help you target the right market.

Business premises

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Choosing premises - checklist

The type of business premises you choose can have a big effect on productivity, employee happiness and overheads. Here's how to make the right choice.


Scale up your business

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Franchise your business

Turning your business into a franchise could offer an effective and less risky way to expand significantly. Find out what it involves.