Interim managers - flexible experts for start-ups?

By: Nigel Peters

Date: 6 March 2013

Interim managers – flexible experts for start-ups?/business people planning{{}}So you’ve done it – you have decided to leave your permanent job, follow your dream and start your own business – great news! But now what?

Help, I’m stuck

Starting a business – and keeping one going – can be incredibly challenging in what are still very tough economic times. As an entrepreneur with a clear vision you know exactly where you want your business to go - but it can take a lot to admit that you don’t know how to get it there. This is where many small and medium businesses come unstuck. Where can you find the expertise you need at a price you can afford? To solve this problem, many small businesses are turning to interim managers.

Multifunctional masters

No longer just the preserve of large multinationals or global conglomerates, an interim manager is a flexible, affordable way of getting the knowledge and insight you need to guide your business in the right direction. Whether it is help with sales and marketing, assistance with finance and regulatory matters or day-to-day operational and HR advice, using an interim manager is a quick and easy way to obtain the skills you need.

Cost sensitive

The other key advantage is that interims operate as a controlled, daily cost – essential for smaller organisations. With no sickness, holiday, pension or other traditional benefits to pay for, it is very easy for SMEs to forecast how much an interim will cost over a specified period of time, with no hidden extras.


If you do choose to hire this sort of resource, small-business owners must also be prepared for the fact that the interim will more than likely be over-qualified for the role they are doing. Don’t be intimidated by this; their breadth of experience means they can deliver for your business faster and leave you with a sustainable best practice approach to grow your business successfully.

This post was written by Nigel Peters on behalf of Alium Partners – global provider of interim management solutions.

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