Top tips from Julia Gash of ethical business BIDBI

Many of us at some point have had an idea we believe would provide the basis for a successful business.

What does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur? And do you really need a new idea? And is profit the only measure of success?

The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs and Santander have joined with some of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs to offer advice on all aspects of starting up, regardless of business type.

Julia Gash is the founder of and driving force behind BIDBI (Bag it Don't Bin it). Print is her passion. In 2007 she set up BIDBI as a green and ethical manufacturing company of tote bags. It has gone from strength to strength ever since, but what key lessons has Julia learned and what advice does she offer?

Find out more about Julia Gash on the BIDBI website.

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