Be a 'Twit' and engage to start-up your networking engine.

By: James Ainsworth

Date: 17 June 2009

Over on the Marketing Donut we are always keen to impress upon small business users to make the most of Twitter in their efforts to engage with their customer base. For a start-up or someone thinking of starting-up we would advise that you use Twitter to your great advantage also.

Once you are established as a business and everything is in place, you would use Twitter to market yourself, to give your brand positioning, voice and personality. For a start-up it would be recommended that you use your Twitter account in order to put out feelers into the market. Use your Twitter to network furiously with like minded individuals and organisations, learn from them and engage with them. It is good to ask questions.

In order to get the most out of Twitter as a start-up, you may want to target the people that you follow. There are a number of ways to do this. The key method would be to use a Twitter Directory, for example Twellow. Simply insert the keyword you wish to base your outreach around and add Tweeple to your ever-growing list of contacts.

Once you have added people around the industry, keyword, activity or interest you are looking to connect with, engage and start-up that networking engine in order to launch your new business on a basis of a like minded community!


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