How startups can leverage social networks to recruit smarter

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Date: 16 October 2009

Fifteen per cent of hiring managers in the UK said they either currently use social networking sites to recruit potential candidates or plan to do so by the end of the year. Using social networking is an effective and economical way to source new talent, especially for startups. They are a great way to communicate to a targeted group of people, who are linked to your industry or interested in your business or to reach out to a wider audience. For startups who don't have a big brand, sourcing candidates is sometimes difficult. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all rich in talent and can give your company a presence.

Here's how to leverage them to your advantage:


Search for potential employees by past or current employer, such as a possible direct or indirect competitor who may have employed people with the skills and experience you need. Use the recommendation feature to ask people for recommendations and provide recommendations to others. Your name will appear on the profile page of the person you have recommended and more people will connect to you as a result. Ask your employees to activate their networks to reach out to passive candidates. You could offer staff incentives to source successful candidates through social networks.


It is worth it – because it's free! You can create a recruitment-oriented home page on Facebook. It should give facts about your company, the jobs available, the company culture and how to apply. Pictures and videos can go a long way toward selling your company. You can use competitions to get candidates' contact information. You can also search for candidates by skills or by company or by job title and it will take you straight to the candidate. I have found Facebook works best as a place to set up groups and advertise them.


Send a tweet that says you have current opportunities and link it to your web site. If the person reading the tweet isn’t a fit, they may know of just the right person! Twitter is a great place to broadcast jobs and build talent networks. You can 're-tweet' which gets your followers to spread the word to their followers. Offer your opinion on news, industry happenings and seminars. Share news, industry tips or links to interesting websites and blogs. Oh yeah, also great for recruiting great candidates.

Guest post by Nikki, founder of CV writing company


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