Work-life balance

By: Administrator

Date: 5 February 2010

What comes to your mind when you hear “work-life balance”?  I think of having a healthy balance between work life and my home life - family, hobbies etc.

People often find themselves thinking that they work too much and don’t have time to spend with their families. I left a full-time job nearly a year ago on the hunt for a better work-life balance. To this day I can honestly say I have never found it. My outlook on it now is that it us up to you as an individual to make things happen. If you want to spend more time at the gym or with your family only you can do that.

Reducing your hours at work to have a better work-life balance won't necessarily work. You might end up  filling your time with pointless tasks and activites or struggling for money. You still won’t spend more time at the gym or with your family or you won't be able to  afford to do the things you want to.  We all need to plan our time better and make an effort to achieve what we want to in life.

We all want different things out of our work life and our everyday life but going on the hunt for that work-life balance may be a bit of a long road. Plan well and the world’s your oyster!

Emma Williams, justbooked


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