Are you an entrepreneur, manager or technician?

By: Martin Johnson

Date: 9 July 2010

Reading E-Myth by Michael Gerber changed the way I thought about my own business, Big Picture. It helped me decide to change my offering from business consultancy to providing a template that could be packaged up and delivered to established coaches, consultants and accountants.

After much research and development, we’re back thinking about start-ups and how Big Picture can help shape successful businesses. So, getting back to E-Myth, what are key parts that Big Picture and it share, starting with the personalities that are present in any new business?

It’s no coincidence that the three personality types E-Myth describes are easily placed on Big Picture: the Entrepreneur; the Manager; and the Technician. To quote: “While each of these personalities wants to be the boss – none of them wants to have a boss”.

Anyone can start a business, but to build one that actually succeeds you can’t just play the natural role of technician. “Your ‘Entrepreneur’ needs to be coaxed out, nourished, and given the room it needs to expand. Your ‘Manager’ needs to be supported to develop its skill at creating order and translating the entrepreneurial vision”.

For a new business to progress from infancy, through adolescence to maturity, starting with an Entrepreneurial perspective provides the best chance of success... That’s the theory, anyway.

Martin Johnson, Big Picture

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