Mama knows best

By: Mark Williams

Date: 22 November 2010

Many regular Start Up Donut blog visitors enjoyed following the story of Marcela Flores-Newburn of Rico Mexican Kitchen, Nottingham-based maker of salsas, beans and cooking sauces, as told on the inafishbowl business reality website.

For the next six months, on this blog, you'll be able to follow the trials and tribulations of another start up, Mama Jewels, another Nottingham-based business.

The business was the brainchild of Amanda Waring. Following a successful career in quantity surveying and construction project management, recent mother of two, Amanda is taking on a whole new challenge.

For the past 10 years she's been designing jewellery as a hobby. But following the birth of her first child she realised there was no fashionable baby and childproof jewellery for mums.

Keen to change this, she has created an impressive range which is available to buy online and in a select number of independent retailers. Mama Jewels was a Bronze Winner for Most Unique Product at the 2010 Mumpreneur Awards.

Amanda's ambition is to see her products in large retailers throughout the UK. To achieve this she'll have to juggle the role of being a young mum with the demands of growing a new business on a budget. How will she get on? You'll be able to read updates each month, but for now, you cab find out more about Amanda's business by watching this short video.

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