Business owners, help us to help you — let’s Get Britain Trading!

By: Chris Gorman

Date: 22 February 2011

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A message from Phil Orford, chief executive of the Forum of Private Business

Last week, we launched Get Britain Trading — a new FPB campaign designed to transform the fortunes of smaller businesses across the UK.

Get Britain Trading is all about improving the conditions small firms are forced to operate under — but it also aims to inspire business owners with a strong message of confidence and positivity.

We’re only a day into the campaign, but we’ve already had a phenomenal response. The Forum has been inundated with emails, Tweets and calls from small businesses expressing their support and asking how they can get involved.

A number of trade bodies have also been in touch, both to back the campaign and to ask us to link up with them on future initiatives which they have in the pipeline.

Get Britain Trading comes from a simple premise — small firms make a massive contribution to the UK’s economy. They employ half of all the workers in the UK, make up around 99 per cent of businesses, and contribute well over a third to the country’s income. Why is it then that successive governments have made things so difficult for them, adding layer upon layer of complex legislation and making the process of employing people risky and confusing?  

If we were smart and were looking to give our economy a real boost, making things simpler for small companies would seem like an excellent solution to the economic problems we’re experiencing. Not only would business owners benefit from increased profitability, but jobs would be created and unemployment would go down, creating a real win-win situation for everyone.

The current Government does seem to be taking some steps in the right direction, but there is much, much more that could be done.  

And that is what Get Britain Trading will do. It will raise awareness of the massive contribution small firms make, and lobby the Government to make changes that will enable small firms to grow and become more profitable.

But in order to do this, we need as many businesses as possible to support Get Britain Trading. You can do this simply by visiting and signing our pledge — it literally takes just a few seconds.

It also worth mentioning that we want to hear your suggestions for what could be done to help your business, and other firms like yours.

You can get involved through the Get Britain Trading website, where we’ve also got a group of experts together and asked them to share their tips on ‘getting your business trading’. Businesses will be able to download this advice guide when they sign the pledge.

We’ve got a big task on our hands, but there are actions that we can all take to Get Britain Trading for the benefit of the economy and everyone who lives in Britain. Please don’t hesitate to submit your ideas and suggestions via the comment boxes below.

This blog post originally appeared on the Forum of Private Business website


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