Are you brave enough to think big?

By: Fiona Humberstone

Date: 17 May 2011

What’s the biggest limiting factor in your business? Could it be you? I’m no performance coach, but it’s struck me recently that very often it’s not a lack of funds or a lack of talent that’s holding business owners back – it’s a lack of ambition.

Why are we so reluctant to raise our heads above the parapet and say: “I’m good at this, I’m successful”?

We recently started the process of developing the brand identity, website, blog and marketing materials for a visionary image consultant. She’s incredibly successful at what she does, she’s received oodles of high level press and exposure and she boasts an impressive client list. Her logo is gorgeous, but her website lacks a certain confidence at the moment. And her blog design is so uninspiring that she hasn’t posted since July.

Excitingly, this client was confident and visionary enough to be brave. We planned a photo shoot, creative brainstorming session and complete overhaul of her communications.

But this client got me thinking. She’s just a one-woman band. It would be so easy to be cautious. So easy to say: “It’s only me, I don’t need more than X clients a week” and shrink back into “safe mode”. So many of us spend hours building our own websites, trying to learn a bit of HTML to get our blogs working the way we want them to – and the end result doesn’t usually pay off.

By thinking small, you’re undermining your own professionalism and weakening the confidence your prospective clients will have in you. You’re also limiting your market to people who also think small. That’s fine if that’s your strategy. But if you want to think big – you need to act big.

By being brave, the image consultant is being visionary enough to expand her business and create some tangible successes.

Whatever stage you’re at in your business, it’s so tempting to think small and to believe your clients will never spend more, buy more often or value you more than they do. But if you think big, you might just get what you wished for.

Fiona Humberstone, Flourish design & marketing


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