Secret diary of a mumpreneur

By: Anonymous

Date: 25 August 2011

So, to start off with, a little bit about myself... I’m one half of a dynamic duo that has set up our own little “business-ette”. I can’t call it a “business” because that’s the first rule of being a mumpreneur – we don’t run a business, we have a little hobby on the side that we’re hoping, if all goes well, might one day make us a little bit of money.

But, we do have buyers and sellers, a website and a proper spreadsheet which accounts for money in and money out (if I’m honest it’s mostly money out at the moment). We run monthly good-as-new children’s clothes, toys and equipment sales in our local area and we’ve just had our very first sale (so far, “so mumpreneur”, I know).

Like many mumpreneurs, as well as having two small children, I’ve got a day job, as does my “business” partner, who’s also six months pregnant. What we don’t have is a business plan, marketing strategy, business bank account, much spare time or, in fact, any idea about how to run a proper “business”. Sound familiar?

Over the coming months I hope to be writing about all our wonderful business successes, but in all likelihood I’ll probably be sharing our trials and tribulations, mistakes and dead-ends, not to mention steep learning curve that I guess most fledgling start-ups go through.

Feel free to join me for the ride — in the words of that other dynamic duo, “to the Batmobile…”!

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