10 crucial pieces of advice about starting and running a business

By: Kevin Duncan

Date: 5 October 2011

1. Assume you have something to offer

If you have doubts - why should anyone else buy what you have to offer?

2. Take the issues seriously, not yourself

You're not that important, honestly.

3. Sell yourself, more so than materials with a mark-up

Products have price points that are easier for the customer to guess. Services can be priceless.

4. Charge a premium price and do a great job

People like paying for high-quality goods and services. Don't sell yourself cheap.

5. Remember that corporate time moves slower normal time

Companies are slower than individuals.

6. Listen more than you talk

Otherwise you won't learn anything.

7. Be more positive than everyone else wherever you go

Who wants to have a meeting with a boring, negative person?

8. Don't distinguish between nice and nasty things to do

They all need doing, so just get on with them.

9. Whatever you plan to do, start now

Most things are easier than you think.

10. Remember: everything you achieve, you have done yourself

Don't just plough on indefinitely. Pat yourself on the back every now and again and enjoy your success.

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