What can your business learn from a grocery store in Sedona, Arizona?

By: Paul D Foster

Date: 21 May 2012

business tips: man in grocery store{{}}Why is it that we can look at another small business and see what they are doing right or wrong so easily?

I was looking for a grocery store in Sedona, Arizona. The store in the plaza only has the name on the façade as signage. I could clearly see if they added the word ‘groceries’ to their sign they would get more business from the out-of-state tourists who didn’t recognise the brand name.
But when was the last time I carefully considered the sign on my own building?
So how does the trick work? Easy: As you go about your day, analyse all the businesses you interact with. How did they do at increasing the average transaction value? Did you get up-sold?  Did the frontline employee impress you? Then simply apply these ideas to your own business.

Start with the basics. Ask yourself these “self-help business advice” questions:

How does your signage appear? Maybe you have premises or maybe your business is web-based – this question still applies. Do you directly communicate what you do with your potential customers?

Do your frontline employees use systems to give consistently good service? This little trick works well for me as long as I am humble enough to self-reflect. What is your system to ensure your customers or clients are receiving the best service possible?

Please don’t forget to give feedback regarding your observations to the business. In Sedona, Arizona I asked for the manager of the grocery store and shared my thoughts. It turns out there are 120 stores in the chain and all of them in Arizona – the vast majority are located in non-tourist towns where the locals know the brand name very well.

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